Since Autumn 2019 we offer unique for nature tourism in Lithuania product – nature photography/birdwatching tours with fully electric driven minibus. We have already 3 different routes two in the vast wilderness of Nemunas Delta and one on the amber coast of Curonian Spit.

“Safari” Curonian Spit NP for best results we recommending to book as earlier as possible in the morning. (depending what time is the sunrise), we start at Smiltynė Ferry to Nida and back. We can’t guarantee, but we will be looking for Eurasian Elk, Roe Deers, Wild Boars and of course migrating birds and enjoying the beauty of Curonian spit with open sand dunes and ancient forests.
There are 3 different routes in Nemunas Delta and its surroundings:
1) Šilutė Railway Station – Krokų lanka Lake – Minija river – Kniaupo Įlanka observation tower – Ventės ragas ringing station – Vabalai village and Aukštumala bog – Šilutė Railway Station.
2) Klaipėda – Vilhelmo channel – Dreverna Observation Tower- Svencelė meadows – Kintų Forest – Kintų Giant Tuja – Minija Bridge – Šilutė Railway Station.
3) Šilutė Railway Station – Rupkalviai meadows – Rusnė town – Skirvytė island (must have ID or passport) – Rusnės Island – Sausgalviai – Šilutė

  • Price: 400 EUR per trip
  • Including binoculars for each participant
  • Professional driver and Nature Guide fee
  • Pleasant time in nature with zero emission and disturbance to minimum
  • Knowledgeable guide with 14 years’ experience in bird identification
  • Lots of interesting stories and facts about birds and their behaviour.