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Not feel enough experienced or you want to enjoy the holiday with your family, didn’t fit your equipment in the hand luggage – don’t worry, we will take care of you and even four legged family members are welcome on our special customized tour with local guides, airport transfer from/to all main airports in Lithuania and Riga International in Latvia. Just send your bucket list of species and we will arrange unforgettable experience in both our destinations – Lithuania and even sunny Bulgaria. We are flexible, but really appreciate if you book your trip as soon you booked your flight tickets, especially if you like to visit Bulgaria. We have ready itinerary we can sent you on request.



Janis – state certified guide (Nr.15452), passionate canoe builder and founder of Wet Weim adventure company.
Boris (extra) – state certified guide (Nr.14808) ornithologist, wild-life photographer. One of the best wild-life guides in the region.
Tour offered in English, Russian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, German.
Basic information
Day tour – 9 hours total
Distance to paddle – 12 km (with stops)
Difficulty – easy (suitable for beginners)
No canoe or camping experience is necessary.
Tour overview
Ever wondered what does the bird paradise look like? The Bird Watch tour will give you precisely that – the sense of freedom and wilderness. The shallow waters of the Curonian Lagoon share the confluence of the Nemunas and the Minija Rivers, where bulrush kingdom provides a shelter for millions of birds that migrate through these territories every season.

We will take you to the “hard to reach” spots that are only accessible by canoe. Thus, paddlers will admire the beauty and grace of the resting birds and undoubtedly the most spectacular panorama of the Nemunas River delta.

Adults €46, Teenagers €30
Min passengers: 2
Max passengers: 2
Pick-up option:
(Adults €4, Teenagers €4)
Professional ornithologist guidance and spotting scope use (€80)

Add a gourmet picnic basket (Adults €7, Teenagers €4)
Binoculars Delta Forest II 8×42/10×42 (Adults €7, Teenagers €5)
Coffee break



This tour will blow your mind, nature at is best, as you will witness the annual autumnal bird migration in full glory. The East Baltic Flyway is among the most important passerine bird migration routes in the world. Each autumn millions of birds from the Europe smallest Goldcrest to gracious Crane fly over the Baltic coastline from their breeding grounds in the Arctic and West Siberia to wintering places in Southern Europe or even Africa. Lithuania is southernmost Baltic Country here the bottleneck of this flyway is formed at Klaipėda, millions of passerine birds will split in two main routes.
The Tour will begin at Ventė Cape – a location where you will evidence largest Heligoland bird trap in the world. The ringing station was established back in 1930s and witnesses up to 100,000,000 song birds fly-over the peninsula, daily, during the best days of migration.
On the other shore of the Lagoon – Curonian Spit National Park is ours next destination. This landmark of sandy dunes, separating the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea, is the main migratory birds’ choice (70% of all migratory passerines and raptors), with almost 2 million birds crossing when weather conditions are most suitable. Next point of interest is another spectacular place – an area possessing the largest fall gatherings of Common Cranes spending the evening in the bog in central of Lithuania and comes complete with Red Deer rut calls representing nature heritage of the region. Next two nights in the heart of the Biržai forest and visit to its surrounding countryside will allow you to feel Lithuanian wilderness and full of stars skies.



This tour is the world cup final for your Lithuanian checklist of wildlife and 200 species of birds! Top Lithuania’s paradise for birdwatchers’ destinations – Nemunas delta regional park, Curonian Spit National Park and North-East Lithuania – this tour will offer opportunities to see/hear some of Europe’s most rare birds’ species. We will meet in West Lithuania at the Nemunas Delta Wilderness – the birders paradise – 170 species of breeding rarities here, including such as: Aquatic and Blyth’s Reed Warbler, Great Snipe, Greater and Lesser Spotted Eagle, Citrine Wagtail and many others. Enjoying the delta and the Curonian Lagoon by small ship, transfer to Klaipėda and entering the Lithuanian amber coast – Curonian Spit National Park. Vast sand dunes’ landscape separating the Baltic sea from the Curonian Lagoon is breathtaking combining the variety of seabirds and specialities of the Spit, such as: Red breasted Flycatcher and Greenish Warbler of the ancient forests of Juodkrantė and Tawny Pipits and Woodlarks in the dunes. Exploring Lithuania’s National and Regional Parks will strike you with diversity of the Lithuanian landscapes. Natural meadows, large and small lakes, swamps hidden in both coniferous and broadleaf forests, and the spirit of each region of Lithuania. Capture the Lithuania’s natural beauty and wilderness.

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Since Autumn 2019 we offer unique for nature tourism in Lithuania product – nature photography/birdwatching tours with fully electric driven minibus. We have already 3 different routes three in the vast wilderness of Nemunas Delta and one on the amber coast of Curonian Spit.


BirdID Lithuania

BirdID Lithuania is a project started by Mane Husby from Nord University in Norway.
It is a field course in bird identification by voice and by appearance based on local language and involving two teachers per session. The project was shut down in 2018, but we are willing to continue after loosing season 2019.

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The Nemunas Delta Regional Park is a bird’s paradise, in spring and autumn especially. During the spring and autumn migrations spectacular flocks of birds stay here. In spring you can observe up to 100 different species of birds within one day. Summer time in Nemunas Delta Regional Park is attractive with its butterfly and insect diversity. During the 7 day tour you will have the opportunity to see the unique natural landscape, local traditions and all natural wilderness.