BirdID Lithuania Field Courses

Since 2010 I was collaborating with Nord University, Norway as part of the project was bird identification quiz, so I did donate and sale some few hundred photos of birds and in 2015 after doing few field trips to Bulgaria, we finally started a project of bird identification field courses in Lithuania. As main teacher I had to coordinate the logistics, teaching strategy and locations we would visit each year with the group of 25 participants. For managing such big group each main teacher chooses an assistant – since 2016 this was Povilas Bagdonas (now Ecologist at Nemunas Delta RP). Unfortunately, the funding was quitted prior to season 2019.

As there were already two full groups +- 50 participants were waiting to get involved in the BirdID Lithuania, we decided to restart the project in Autumn 2020, as spring is already too soon and we need to make sure we are doing something even better, as now participants will have to pay fee for each gathering. Stay tune for more information…

During the season we will visit:

    • Pajūrio RP
    • Biržai forest
    • Nemunas Delta RP
    • Novaraistis and Praveniškiai-Būdos forest
    • Gražutės  and Labanoras RP
    • Dzūkija NP and Baltoji vokė
    • Birvėta Fish Ponds
    • Curonian Spit NP

Number of people: up to 25 persons
Courses cost: 50 eur / weekend
Duration: Up to 10 hours a day

An experienced ornithologists will accompany you throughout the field trips, teach you about bird identification of the species you observe or/and hear, and answer any questions you may have during the trip.