Iceland Day 9

I woke up really early again, but it was totally worth it starting with Puffins, GN and RT divers, Seal, Knots, Dunlins, Oystercatchers,  Arctic Terns and Skuas, Snow Buntings, Common Eiders and Snipes,  Whimbrels,  Golden Plovers, HG, BHG, GBbG and LBbG, Whooper Swans and new friendships, we met two cyclists from Spain, really nice, we drunk tea together and I show them birds with my scope, and later the Belgium family join us before they left to Reykjavik. We packed up and 7:50 we left the camp site, we saw that there is better road towards our next destinations so hike back about 8km to the main road. We saw many birds on our way, but it was difficult to not to share I managed to spot a dolphin's fin in the fjord. We reached the main road and we tried for 1015 min before a German tourist picked us by the way to Reykjavik. It was a cargo type camper car, which was usually not stopping, but he let my travel parthner to sit back there and I sit on the passenger seat. He was traveling with his son before, but the son decided to continue with a friend, so the car was enough space for both of us. He took us to a crossroad we need to get to the West fjords. So soon we got some water and handshake before he left. So here we go again, another 15 min and another miracle one more car that never stopped so far…Škoda. There was a mother with her son. They were really friendly, we made a short brake at the gas station. And then we continued to the place where our routes splits. And we just waited maybe 5 minutes when a small green Chevy Spark stoped, and again a german tourist that not only took as to our next destination but also took us to very special as I call them Wow waterfalls first and then we stopped wherever he saw a beautiful view. So it was time to enjoy Iceland's hot springs and we also stopped on the place that our previous german tourist point on the map too. It was a wonderful experience to sit in the hot water and then dip in the fjord's waters (about +30-35°C in the hot spot and +12°C in the ocean). Then you felt the little needles through your body when you come back to the hot water. It was really unforgettable. As well as the roads and views from and to the place where our final destination was – Latrabjarg. On our way we stopped few times for ladnscape photos, by the route. The oldest Icelandic metal ship build in 1912, and putted to the place in 1981, also magical sand beaches and mountain lakes.  But this was only the beginning and soon we were in the Puffin paradise, we start taking photos of the cute little creatures, when a swiss guy call us that they were watching Killer whales family of 5 and seals….wow I still couldn't believe it,  but it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. After that we come back to the car and it was time to rest and we had to settle in the campsite and of course eat something.
This was the most breathtaking day whit Dolphin and Killer Whales, and so many birds: Puffin, Black and Common Guilemots, Fulmars, Kittiwakes,  Common Eiders and all the common species that I already mentioned. I am really tired now, so good night and lets hope for better weather in last days. Keep up following my blog and special thanks to Florian to taking us with him and sharing us even his food and water. 😊