Iceland Day 8

So today is the first day of our 2 weeks birding trip to Iceland.  I woke up by the sound of Redpolls landing on top of our tent, we had an interesting late evening yesterday, found a  cemetery with electricity to recharge the phones and the tablet and herd the Great Northern Diver again meanwhile. And now we are in the woodland just next to the campsite, much calmer and full of curious Redpolls, I can here also Golden Plover,  Snipes, Redwings, Meadow Pipits, Arctic Terns. And we will try to get to the lake over the town today. We left the big pack at the information center to not carry them to the lake. This was very relaxing and nice hike route arround the lake. At first there were lots of Red-breasted Mergansers with chicks, so I lost my binoculars, but found them where I layed for low angle shots. There were also some BHG, LBBG and HG trying to still the little Mergansers, but moms were furiously protecting them, also lots of Arctic Terns, Redwings, Common Snipes, Meadow Pipits, some Redpolls, Whooper Swan pair. And when I was already thinking I will not find the marvellous Great Northern Diver(GND), and miracle it was just 50m away. With all its glory it is real good diver. It can swim the lake in 3 to 4 breathes. So after enjoying the diver we head downhill, two Arctic Skuas, and we went down, took the backpacks and stop at the shop to refill the food supplies and after short brake we were at the road hitchhiking,  we wait 20 min or so and we got taken by an Iclandic girl and her college which was Lithuanian – Hi Neringa if you read this post.

We visited the Gothafoss where she working at the hostel there. Then we continued to the Akureyri, I saw 2 more GND where we pass the city to the exit of it. And it was raining a  bit, first guys stoped with Lexus, but they were going to other direction than us. So we continued the hitchhike and miracle again a proper camper stopped. We couldn't believe it, but it was very nice family from Belgium. We drove a long way with one stop for the family to get their dinner. And we had our first Red-throated Diver over the gas station, we continued talking with the family and soon we arrived at very nice wild camping with only wc and small summer kitchen. But it was the nature what made it special there was a flock of 7 GND, Dunlins, Oystercatchers, Common Eiders, Arctic Terns and all other common species as everywhere else. But It was almost midnight so we went to sleep. Keep tracking my day by day posts.