Iceland Day 7

Early start atthe new camping was really good idea as from 5:30 until 6 a.m. the Great Northern Diver was very vocal. I woke up even earlier recharge the phone and the tablet and now we are packing up again, as I slept without taking out my sleeping bag I am almost ready since early morning. And the day continued with good luck to descent observations of Gyr Falcon before and after the breakfast break. Followed by far observation of Great Northern Diver in the lake with our Kenko ultra mega lens2scope macro ring double extender 84x Canon Spotting scope. The weather was nice the breakfast as well, so to finish the morning we added also 3rd new forje trip species of Northern Wheatear juvenile at the lava field north of the lake. So it was time to move and as we found a horse shoe our luck didn't get better, it was the 3rd non local car that took us, it was very handsome pair from Germany – he is manager and she is a software developer. So we chat a lot on our way speaking of traveling, birds I saw on the way. And we didn't felt when we were in Husavik – the whale watching capital of NICEland. So I volunteer at the info center, but we had small accident there a stand with keyholders collapsed. So it was fun to put the puffins, whales and other stuff on its place during the rain outside.

So after some loo…ong shoping we were hiking again, I was excited so I chose an exciting route to the cliffs just next to Hásvík, we found a great place but behind a fence as construction works were going on. Any way we found a Lighthouse with small yard and wooden fence, which we easily jump over and let the show begins… we were hoping also for the whales but I am afraid they were much further out in the ocean. Anyway the bird life was fantastic starting with Meadow Pipit, Redwings and Redpolls in the town. On the cliffs we found Northern Fulmars,  Arctic Terns, GBB & LBBG, BHG, HG, Kittiwakes,  Whimbrels, Black-tailed Godwits, Common Snipe, Golden Plover, Redshank, Greylag Geese, Common Eiders, Mallard, Arctic and Great Skua. And the new for the trip were Black Guilemots and Atlantic Puffin, and plausible Gloucous Gull or a hybrid with HG.
I am very tired as I slept so short and the wind is freezing cold again, and no sign from te whales unfortunately. I think this will be it for today, stay toon with me as 8 days still to come. I start missing home and friends.  Love you guys.