Iceland Day 6

I woke up really early but we planned to start early so I craw out if the tent about 7 a.m., brush my teeth and start packing. It is time for breakfast, but the song of Icelandic Wren and flying over sound of Common Snipes, Redpolls, Redshanks and Redwings make me sit and wrote about them. Another beautiful sunny day in N-ICEland. After quick breakfast we are heading towards Dettefoss waterfall and Myvatn lake. We set up on the exit of town and as soon we start hitchiking we wait for about 30 min when I was already thinking should we move further as the local guy told us yesterday, and then a miracle a new Subaru Forester stopped for us it was grandparents with their granddaughter. The grandpa and the girl were speaking English so it was nice even just short transfer, as they were going to their relatives to help collect the hay – 300 rolls of hay. It was another great day with sun and beautiful clouds. We pull over on the crossroad to their farm and wish us a nice rest of the stay in N-ICEland.
I couldn't count to 100 when a car which we hitchhike turned around and come to pick us with their rental Toyota RAV4, they were a mother and a daughter from Chicago, IL, USA. They saw us and came back to pick us. As soon as we sit we start chatting the daughter was coming back from Spain were she was learning Spanish and teaching English, and now she was coming back home to teach Spanish. We were crossing the emptiest at first site territory, but I spotted on the way first for the trip Pink-footed geese with siblings, Merlin, Golden Plover, Whimbrel, Meadow Pipit, Black-tailed Godwit and many other we have already seen on the trip. We were even luckier as the girls visit all the nice spots on the way starting with the biggest waterfalls of Iceland, the smelliest hot springs and the cave from Game of thrones season filmed at the site.
 Well I didn't went there because of this fact, but soon we had to say good bye as we stay at lake Myvatn. We stopped at first camp site next to road 1. It was amazing not only because it was on the shore of lake Myvatn, which is full of birds, but also because of the flies, small midgets that forming a cloud while you walking. The short birding from the campsite offer Slavonian Grebe, Tufted Duck, Wigeon, Arctic Terns, Redshanks, Redwings, Redpolls, Ringed Plover, White Wagtails, BHG, Eurasian Teals. After some night adventures it is time to go to a new campsite which actually aas much better and no midgets.  So good night and keep following my story day by day.