Iceland Day 14 (Last day)

Last day of my trip, it start with an early breakfast at the park and recharging the ele at the gas station until 9 a.m. We went out and started hitchhiking, there was a reconstruction of the roundabout at A1 road, so it was fun to watch the drivers chaos, but it took us about 15 min to stop a car the driver wasa Lithuanian, so he took us not only to the Reykjavik museum which unfortunately was not working anymore. So he took us to the camping 40 min walk from the Keflavik international airport, so tomorrow morning after taking a shower I will spent the day there, as I need to relax and give a rest to my knee before the flight. And I just don't like to rush so I will enjoy internet and recharge all my batteries at the terminal.

OK after the accommodation at the camping I grab my photo gear and head towards the Gardur Lighthouse and the Atlantic ocean coast. On the way I managed to read two plastic rings of Oystercatchers pair and took some photos of birds on my way as they were competing to be in my lens it was not an easy task. Soon I found my self attacked by GBBG and Arctic Terns. At the end of the peninsula I found low tide with different waders and many Common Eiders, I spent some time to take photos as there were not only different species, but also different age birds including: Dunlins,  the new for the trip Sanderlings, Red Knots, Ruddy Turnstones, Ringed Plovers, Whimbrels,  Redshanks, Oystercatchers. I took some close-up photos and also saw Northern Wheatear, Meadow Pipits, Starlings. I met a photographer from Finland, a small French group, and as I was showing them the Manx Shearwater in Collins App, I said I want to see this bird today, and until I haven't even think about it I saw two of them flying by the shore, and managed to even take a record shots and show them in the screen.
OK it was fun to make your wish happens so quickly, during that time many of them were passing together with Gannets, Fulmars, Puffins, Razorbills, Kittiwakes,  GBBG, HG, BHG and even found later a Gloucous Gull at the shore, as high tide it was on it's way I went a bit close for the Manx's, but still too far out. I took a shot of a Seal, and juveniles Meadow Pipits and Wheatears. I was almost ready to buy a muffin for 500ISK to be able to look from the old lighthouse roof, but they were closing, oh well I will spent those money's for something better at the airport.
On the way back I was really starving, but the beautiful birds and Icelandic horses make me stop here and there, I finished the second 64GB CF card already atthe shore, so I was deleting all the out of focus photos for a while. Very funny three Icelandic rams make me laugh as well. I will share them with you later as it will took time to choose and share all those photos with you. For now it is something like 140 GB already.
And to finish the day as good as it was possible I managed to get some close-up photos of an dark morph Arctic Skua which let me get close enough and change my position even.
Soon as I was really hungry I was back to the camp, I add today two new species to the trip report with final so far number of 61 species in 14 days in Iceland without own transportation and take almost all of them on the photo, excluding the Gyr Falcon before we just observed without chance for even a record shot. So not had for an summer season i think, I will ask the guys from Birding Iceland later.
So as tomorrow is just airport day this is the final listof species and subspecies we managed to observe during our trip:to be continued…