Iceland Day 13

As I believe it is my lucky number, today it proved to be a best day ever, with lucky hitchike with a Romanian couple and Saab. At first I saw the car and said it is Saab, it should stop, it didn't work, but in few moments the car returned and took us. They not only took us to the places we wanted – the Geysers and Gullfoss, but after our ways split, they took us once more as their plans changed. So we are heading again to the place with the hot springs where our trip started 13 days ago.  So it was super fun and very nice we managed to see everything we wanted. Except me haven't seen 2-3 species of birds, but maybe tomorrow atthe coast, or next time in Iceland. You never know where the source of epic life will take you. We are now going to swim in hot river, so this is shortly for today. If something else happens I will fulfil the blog.

Okay it is what to add we climb in to a foggy mountain for an hour and maybe a bit more, but as it was the coolest day ever  we end up soaking in warm water river with a Brazilian couple and French family,  after I share my card and our hot spring in the west fjords I was invited to visit them in Brazil, why not I never been in South America, so maybe I will do in near future. So now we waiting to get in the camping and have a rest, because it was long day. So looking forward for our last day tomorrow,  we will stay in the camp at nearest point to the airport and explore the birdlife of the coastal cliffs and the ocean. So stay tuned with this last day story tomorrow. Good night.