Iceland Day 12

OK, let's start withthe good news, because there are no bad news at all. I check my backpack and everything survive the smashing plunge on the road yesterday except my wide angle CPL filter which I am happy to throw away because its saved my precious little lens. So always carry a filter on your lenses, you never know what can happen.  And my knee even it got really painful yesterday its look better already today, as you can expect from such impact it is a bit bruised and soft (collect some liquids), but at least I can walk now without the big bagpack to the lake as I left it at the info desk. So after breakfast and recharging my phone a bit it is time for old pirate hiking with my wooden leg slowly towards the lake. Took some water and snacks and ready for more adventures.

I ook the trail off the road for 4-5km to the tourist attractions, waterfall, viewpoints and met two women from Lithuania. One of them maybe will join me on one of my excursions in Nemunas delta with her family. So I wish them nice stay and it was time for birdwatching. I found from the viewpoint that there are Red-throated Divers in small lake bellow, so I head straight to it. But on my way there were a family of Tufted Ducks and Red-necked Phalarope. I show them to a french family with a boy.  He was very happy to look through my binoculars. I met Viktorija at the lake with the Divers. I try from far away, but it was too far. So I got closer and lay down even if it was wet, but it was worth it. The RtD were even interested in me so got them very close, an excellent opportunity for close-up and portrait photography. I got lots of nice shots, and as it was wet I continued by the trail, saw some Red-breasted Mergansers,  Great Northern Diver,  Arctic Terns,  Whimbrels,  Meadow Pipits,  Common Snipes, Mallards, LBBG, BHG, White Wagtails, Greylag Geese, Redwings. I was walking back slowly taking photos with the landscape, flowers and just nature. Soon I heard familiar language – it was Bulgarian group, we chat for a while and show them some birds, exchange contacts and they continued towards Geysir, I tried unsuccessfully to find the pair of Red-necked Phalaropes, but it didn't work as it didn't work to hitchhike to the information center as my knee needs a rest now. I walked back all the way and wrote the blog, we are staying again in the campsite, so I just enjoying the sunny weather outside. Happy days. Two more days of traveling around ahead and a day at the airport trying to get back to the real life, as working will be difficult with the painful  knee and hard drives full of unsorted photos, but I think I will manage some how. Looking forward to be back home. But let's see how will it works in last two days. Stay with our trip report and enjoy the beautiful photos. This is all for today except something exciting happens.