Iceland Day 11

It would be very nice day if I haven't almost smash my knee, tablet and backpack with all photo gear. Everything started with early wake-up and Great Northern Diver photo shoot and seal watching from the campsite before Florian and Viktorija woke up. As well I saw lots of Puffins, few Purple Sandpipers, Great Cormorant and all the rest was as we left it 2 days ago. So we were quickly ready as Flo would like to continue North, and he gave as a last ride to the main road. Here we listened to the duet of its kind a Great Northern Diver ft. Icelandic sheeps. The hitchhiking was not as good as possible we had two cars but in wrong destination.  But we moved after the gas station and our luck smiled again after one more unsuccessful car stop. We were taken by local driver which was going to Reykjavik,  he took us all the way to the shop near the capital. We spoke a lot on the way I charged my phone, managed to drop it under the seat, and after the shoping we met a group of cyclists from UK and Italy. After they left, we hike out of the town. It was another difficult task as the backpack with the food was probably 30+kg even it was just 2 km. I was walking by the road side nd hitchhiking meanwhile and a miracle became a disaster,  I was so happy the car stopped that I lost balance both my sandals stuck in the gravel and with most graceful plunge I find my self on the ground with bruised hands and aching left knee. I was not able to walk any more which was very sad, but as I am now writing I hope tomorrow should be already better. The car I fell down for took as to the surroundings of the Thingvalla vatn – Thingvillir lake. The knee was bruised and start getting a bit sore, but after we got another car to get us to the national park and we finally build our tent it seems the knee was maybe just a bit bruised and I hope tomorrow I will feel much better and will be able to walk to the lake.
In meanwhile I had Icelandic Wren, Redwing, Common Snipe and Redpoll.
I am a bit tired so for today so much should be enough as I am sleepy and will spent the rest of the day like that: