Iceland Day 10

The alarm clock woke me up at 6:40 it is raining outside so I finished the blog and deleted some bad shots from my card. I will sleep a bit more I feel tired already after yesterday overwhelming beautiful day we had. The rain finally stoped so we packed and this meant that it was time for wildlife photography and birdwatching. Special thanks to Vita Čia for the sunny greetings. We really have a beautiful weather and very cute models. We had at least 16 species some of them I saw for first time in 10 years and also first time for my WP life list. Starting with the highlight of the day Harlequin Ducks which I have only seen well in Alaska in 2007.
So I am missing only two species of birds that I hope to find in next few days before our flight back home. And of course we haven't seen a White-tailed Eagle bit as I know it is pretty much localised here in Iceland, so it is not a big deal if we missed it. I am pretty happy with the results already. But let see what we can see more in next days. There are many photos so I will be short in words today, we are now still with Florian going back to the nice wild camping we started yesterday morning. So we are traveling back in time and continuing tomorrow from the main road towards the Golden ring road. So stay tuned with our day by day blog trip report. Best wishes from Niceland 😘